"LA Pop Artist, Flaviyake, has hit the winning shot when it comes to fearlessly creating a piece of musical art that stands firm with a dose of enlightenment for all."

© Jessica Golich, Tattoo.com, July 5, 2017


"Bad in Bed' by Flaviyake is like nothing you've ever listened to"

© We Sound Strange, music blog, July 5, 2017

"Flaviyake sounds like the name of a sushi roll. It actually might be someday. [...] Lyrically it’s not Bob Dylan but it still paints a picture perfectly well."

© The Huffington Post, June 29, 2017

"Everything about this album is unique including the alluring cover"

© The Plug Los Angeles, June 22, 2017


"From her synth to her acoustic tracks, she sparkles femininity."

© Molly Shores, shutter 16 magazine, United Kingdom, March 4, 2015



“She has a sound that mixes the brilliant eccentricity of Bjork, the catchy rhythms of Kimbra, and the ingenuity and ethereal qualities of Sigur Ros and Fifi Rong.”

© Ben Yung, The Review, Canada, November 24, 2014



“It would seem she is set to become another true international recording artist.”

© Edward Reid, Weekly Music Commentary, USA, January 4, 2015



“Flaviyake […] is a true and original artist that delves into an imaginative psyche of what some would call a fantasy world. Flaviya’s approach to music is far from a fantasy, it is reality in a living technicolor.

Flaviya is a colorful artists with catchy tunes and a bright future. USA artists may attempt to compare her efforts to artists such as Aqua or Spice Girls, but she sits in a class of her own.”

© SoundCloud Music Reviews, November 21, 2014



“Art is a reflection of questions that invoke the pleasure to explore multiple universes given, as for Flaviyake. Because more than only performing refreshing electro and pop tunes and exciting one’s brains, she talks to us and exposes an impressive and incredibly relevant speech about the world she lives in.”

© Raphaël DUPREZ, FROM B TO ZEE music blog, September 6, 2014



“The music of Flaviyake covers a very broad base which at times calls to mind the work of artists such as Goldfrapp or Little Boots. There’s certainly a smooth transition between the various genres that Flaviyake hops between, demonstrating a confident vocal that can adapt from everything from dance pop to electronica.”

© Paul Browne, J-Pop Go, United Kingdom, July 16, 2013



“Flaviyake is an artist to check out, if you do not see her Now she will soon be in your ears. She will bring to you the Flaviyake’s Music Electro Flavour.”

© GroovMusicMarketing, United Kingdom, November 10, 2012